The Battle for Social Media Content

The Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre is a curious place. As the name suggests, it’s where this famous clash took place over 700 years ago – but it’s unlike any other battlefield in Scotland. With relatively few objects to display, Bannockburn is an immersive experience which relies heavily on 3D technology to bring it to life.

At the latest SHSMG meet up, Battle Coordinator Dr Callum Watson (along with his colleagues, Francesca Mackay and India Divers) discussed their strategies for promoting such a unique experience and shared their social media tips:

So what did we learn?

1) Accuracy is key –

Don’t feel like you need to know everything. Work with your colleagues to learn about the past and promote your site while retaining your reputation as a reliable source of information.

2) Engage with schools

According to the Bannockburn team, schools use Twitter more than any other social media platform. Like, comment and share their content to increase engagement and encourage other visits.

3) Use these platforms as an extension of your exhibition space

The story isn’t over once the exhibition opens. If there’s new information that you’d like to share or an angle that hasn’t been covered, turn to social media (with approval from your line manager). You can tell your stories in infinite ways.

4) Offer a taster

Social media can’t (and probably shouldn’t) tell the whole story but it can tease it. Serve up engaging content and your followers will want to come and discover it for themselves.

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