Carving Your Niche | Glasgow Meetup

Do you work or volunteer with social media in the history, heritage, archaeology or museum sectors in Scotland?

Come along to this informal talk and discussion to chat about defining your voice, standing out and finding your audience on social media. 

When: Friday 29 July, 3 to 5pm

Where: Waxy O’Connor’s (library), 4 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1DH

Tickets: Eventbrite



3 to 3.30pm

You might not be using the #SBRSS16, #IRMS17, #bizhis, #ScotDigiW4 and #npss16 hashtags, but they have allowed Kimberley Beasley to tap into her audience through social media. By knowing where these users are and how to connect with them, Kimberley has built a dynamic community through @ARAScot and more recently with @ScotlandsPlaces. To kick off our meetup, we’ll find out what has worked (and what hasn’t), and pick up a couple of practical tips along the way – pens and notepads at the ready!


3.30 to 5pm

For the rest of the meetup, we’ll work our way through these three questions:

  • Should you have a social media “tone”?
  • What is your unique offering on social media?
  • What’s more important – quantity or quality?

This is a very loose guide and you’re invited to prepare additional questions and comments ahead of time (although this isn’t essential). You’re also welcome to simply come along, grab a drink and listen in.


This is also a great opportunity to:

  • Learn from your peers and share your own tips
  • Flag up upcoming cross-promotional opportunities, including competitions and hashtags
  • Suggest topics for future events, such as Periscope, photography or paid ads
  • Bring up any issues that you’re having with social media
  • Bounce campaign or strategy ideas around
  • Meet people in the same role as you and build relationships

You’re welcome to drop in for 15 minutes or the whole 2 hours. Remember to join the conversation on Twitter using #SHSMG!

Tickets are not mandatory, although we recommend that you grab one on Eventbrite so that we can contact you if any details change. 


We will be in the Library area. When you come in the front door, go straight up the stairs to your right and the Library is to the left at the top of the stairs.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Twitter or email 


Photo credit: Jonathan Kos-Read via Remodel Blog / CC BY-ND

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