Go For It!

Julie Devenney, social media officer for ARAScotland & Archive Hour writes about ArchiveHour for SHSMG in the latest blog. “Why don’t you set it up?” said an archivist friend to me, back in May, after I’d been grumbling again that there was a @museumhour and an @ancestryhour but no @archivehour! “Why don’t I?!” I had not […]

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Going Live!

Gregor McMillan is a video production officer at Registers of Scotland, the non-ministerial government department responsible for maintaining land and property records. Earlier in the year, RoS successfully streamed their first ever Facebook Live event, and in this blog, Gregor recounts their experience and offers some tips on how to stream on a budget. First, […]

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Heritage Social Media Fandom

Stephenie McGucken is a PhD candidate & tutor at the University of Edinburgh in the History of Art. Her research interests include the uses of heritage in film, and draws on her experiences with various fandoms to help form research questions. She also runs the social media for the Edinburgh Medieval Pigment Project.   Everyone […]

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Managing Multiple Accounts

  Kiara King is the archivist at the Ballast Trust. Kiara has written about her experiences of running and contributing to multiple twitter accounts.   Today I counted up my twitter accounts and realised I have access to 7 different ones. Thankfully I can confidently say that I’ve still had more hot dinners than twitter […]

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ScotlandsPlaces Social Media Successes

Kim Beasley is the ScotlandsPlaces Project Officer. Kim has very kindly written about her social media successes for the third SHSMG blog. What do a nineteenth-century Ordnance Survey record and a seventeenth-century map have in common? Well, thanks to social media they have all been viewed by thousands of people and are some of ScotlandsPlaces […]

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Using Twitter for Museum Professionals

David McLeod, one of the founding members of the Scottish Heritage Social Media Group has put together this first blog for SHSMG, Using Twitter for Museum Professionals. This blog is an abridged transcript from a talk David did at the Museums Association: Moving on Up Conference, held in February at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.  […]

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